We know you are giving us personal information while using this application and we thank you for it. You should know exactly how that information is being used – so the following terms are written in simple language so there's no confusion. We will send you an update should these terms change at any point in the future.

Terms of Service

All of the information you submit to the Reverse Color Organ (RCO) is your information, however we own all of the data generated from it. We have a right to use this data without limitation within the digital walls of this application (anything on reversecolororgan.com). We also have the right to delete this data without notice or reason.

Users can not delete their accounts, but user accounts can be deactivated upon a user's request or otherwise, granted administrative approval. An administrator can deactivate, suspend, or delete user accounts only if abuse is suspected.

All content experienced, generated, and provided by the RCO, on reversecolororgan.com or any of its other platforms, is the sole property of the RCO. Any unauthorized copying of information that was originally discovered on reversecolororgan.com is an infringement of our copyright.


Your information will not be used for anything other than the advancement of the RCO and the study of synesthesia. The data generated by the RCO will stay on the application. Your information is only accessible users within the Compose section of the website for color/sound filtering purposes.

Under no circumstances will the RCO sell your information to advertisers, marketers, merchandisers, or any institution interested in profit and gain.